Revvin Update Makes Custom Pipeline Views Easy

Revvin, the leading low-code/no-code digital lending platform, announced today a number of updates to its industry-leading platform for customer experience management during the digital lending process. The updates, part of the firm’s regular schedule of software improvement, include a new pipeline viewer, a stronger integration with ICE LOS technology, custom email generation and an enhanced optimal blue integration.

New Revvin SmartViews are customizable tables that can show a subset of the Pipeline data based on saved filters defined by each user or the company management. Users can create an unlimited number of Smartviews based on searches they frequently use. They can also choose what columns, what order to display them, and how those columns are sorted.

“SmartViews give our clients increased control over their Pipeline and complete visibility into their process,” said CEO Valentin Saportas. “This new feature gives lenders control over how their Pipeline is displayed and how loan applications are filtered. This will increase the productivity of every loan officer, as they will be able to access different sets of Pipeline data faster than ever before.”

This update also includes a new direct connection between Encompass and the Revvin platform that makes it possible to create applications in Revvin's Lender Hub as soon as they are created in Encompass. After creating, and completing as much of the application as needed, the Lender Hub users can send an invitation to the borrower and notify the agents to inform them that a new application has been created. This allows borrowers to complete their applications even if they don’t start them in Revvin themselves.

Also in this release is new functionality that allows loan officers, and other Lender Hub Agents with the appropriate permission, to customize the email notification that is sent to the borrowers when creating new custom tasks for them. This allows LOs to communicate directly with borrowers, increasing their confidence in the application process. Default email content can also be created by management.

Finally, borrowers whose subject property is in a USDA-approved area can now view USDA Pricing Products for lender clients that use Optimal Blue as their Product & Pricing Engine. This will give clients more pricing options that offer specific solutions to meet borrowers' needs.

“The power of the Revvin platform is that users can make it do what they need to forge stronger relationships with the borrowers they serve,” said Marvin Chang, Chief Commercial Officer for Revvin. “This latest update has really caught the attention of lenders who realize that in today’s lending environment, it’s the lender best able to make their software fit their process that will be most successful.”

About Revvin
Revvin is the leading low-code/no-code digital lending platform processing thousands of loan applications every month. The platform is used by hundreds of lenders ranging from IMBs to Banks and Credit Unions. The company’s platform is the only modern solution available in the market that enables lenders to quickly and cost-effectively customize workflows, business rules, UI, data flows between systems and many other aspects of the platform through its easy-to-use, low-code/no-code editors. To learn more, please visit

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