Lender Hub

The hub for loan officers (LOs) to manage their pipelines and support their borrowers.
Integrate with CRM, LOS, data verification and AUS services and other services to maximize productivity.
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Powerful Tools

Establish a quality work environment with a single dashboard for sales and closings.

  • Get alerts, notifications and status indications
  • Add and create of follow-up tasks
  • Send standard and personalized messages to customers
  • Access documents for tasks and analyses
  • Use real-time data verification services
  • Integrate with CRM, LOS, PPE and other services
  • Generate pre-qualification and pre-approval letters

Clear Expectations

Messaging and collaboration features that provide transparency throughout the application lifecycle.

  • Get alerts and notifications
  • Track open borrower tasks automatically
  • Monitor application progress and status indicators
  • Easily contact and send messages among all parties

Team Coordination & Oversight

  • Manage teams and analyze business processes and performance.
  • View team, customer, system and operational reports
  • Monitor usage and key performance indicators
  • Organize personnel and teams for defined roles and activities
  • Ensure permissions-based access to features
Let’s optimize your workflows for high productivity.
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