Fintech Maxwell acquires digital lending platform Revvin.
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The engine for
lending experiences
The first customer experience engine that empowers financial institutions of every scale to deliver leading-quality, high-performance lending solutions – without writing any custom code.
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Great digital lending starts with great UX

Consumer Trust

A well-designed, responsive, easy-to-use experience inspires consumer trust.

Loan Officer Engagement

Recruit, retain and maximize the productivity of your talent with the best tools of the trade.

Real Efficiencies

Removing friction between consumers and lenders leads to measurable efficiencies.

Optimize workflows. Remove friction. Make it great.

Custom Workflow Management

Revvin is built from the ground up to power smart loan origination workflows that bring speed and efficiency to any lending business.

Drag & Drop Configuration

Intuitive, flexible editors allow for unique workflows to be tailored to specific needs that fit your business.

Custom Logic & Rules

We make fine-tuning workflows easy and fast so that your business is always able to keep up with the changing times and markets.

Business agility from custom, high-performance solutions.

No-Code Customization

Make changes to workflows and business rules rapidly and cost-effectively with our set of no-code editors.

Modular Components

Components are modular and can be easily rearranged and linked to deliver custom solutions, unique to each lender.

Easy Integrations

Integrations are an important component of digital lending and with Revvin, it’s easy, fast and reliable.

A proven 4-step setup process:

1. Stand up your branded platform

Quickly stand up a fully branded instance of the platform based on our widely-used loan templates.

2. Integrate third-party services

Leverage our integrations ecosystem and connect the platform to other lending systems such as LOSs, CRMs, PPEs, etc.

3. Review and customize

Fine-tune the platform to your specific needs with our no-code customization editor.

4. Go live

Ready. Set. Go.

Resources to answer questions. And share with others.

Build vs buy is no longer the question. A high quality, easy-to-use, custom solution is now within reach.
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