The Thinking Behind the Revvin Rebrand

When we started MortgageHippo, we knew we had a technology that would put digital lending within reach of any lender of any size. With the platform we built, every lender could look like the largest player in the space. We had no idea at the time that we were only seeing part of the potential for our technology.

Once the company had evolved and we began to see some of the many, wonderful ways financial services companies were using our tools, we knew it was time to rebrand.

A new view into the uses of a digital lending platform

Over the past few years, we developed what would become the leading low-code/no-code digital lending platform. But when the dust cleared, it was obvious that we had built something even bigger than that, the industry’s first high performance Customer Experience Engine.

We needed a new brand to fit this new vision, and we chose… Revvin.

Revvin’s new name comes from the sound a high-performance engine makes when running at peak efficiency. Not just any engine – Revvin’s next generation platform embraces low-code/no-code design to enable lenders of all kinds to deliver highly tailored constituent-centered user experiences for both borrowers and loan officers. 

Our new brand not only reflects our continued focus on the next generation Digital Lending Platform, but, equally important, it beautifully captures the essence of our mission: 

Democratize technology for a world where every financial institution can act like a leading-edge fintech - without writing code.

But that means something different today than it did when we started. In today’s lending business, lenders who can design creative and intuitive borrower experiences will win more business. Revvin is the first customer experience engine to hand the keys  to our customers so they can launch customizable, frictionless solutions.

Putting the power in the lender’s hands

Revvin accelerates time-to-delivery through either pre-defined templates or customized journeys, allowing lenders to originate digital mortgages or any kind of loan profitably right out of the box. Lenders leverage the Engine’s agility to craft and deliver the intuitive experiences their borrowers demand. No other digital lending platform makes this as easy as the Revvin Customer Experience Engine.

Revvin delivers the flexibility to originate through any marketing or origination channel, the agility to continuously and quickly adapt to evolving market needs, and the adaptability for lenders to embrace the accelerating pace of change across the landscape, with members, borrowers, partners and even new technologies. By focusing our attention on helping lenders of different types and sizes create the frictionless experiences their borrowers increasingly demand, we help lenders complete their journeys toward full digital lending and higher profitability. 

Revvin works with hundreds of lenders across the country, including a broad mix of banks, credit unions and Independent Mortgage Banks. Shouldn’t we be working with you? Call us today for more information or visit us online.

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